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Buds & Beans ABQ is located at the NE corner of 2nd Street SW & Gold Ave SW in Downtown Albuquerque. An LGBTQ veteran-owned small business that prides itself on paying a living wage and providing a warm and inviting space for all. Buds & Beans is where communities meet.

A downtown Albuquerque restaurant with a modern, organic, industrial-boho feel, Buds & Beans ABQ is the perfect place to connect with all your buddies. Serving delicious unique foods and some nice classics, amazing gourmet coffee sourced from ONE farm in Columbia, New Mexico Tea Company teas, house-made fresh lemonades, beers & wines (age 21+), and CBD Mocktails (age 18+). We have worked hard to curate a collection of beers and wines that reflect our core value of supporting community.  Sustainability, woman-made, BIPOC-made, non-profit work are all qualities of the brands we've chosen. Adding CBD mocktails allows those young adults among us a little extra something when they're out with buds. Please stop by and enjoy a drink and bring friends-or make new ones when you get here! The point of our coffee shop + beer + food vibe is to encourage people with all sorts of preferences to come together in one place without compromising quality or taste or atmosphere. Beer drinkers can hang comfortably with coffee drinkers, wine lovers and tea drinkers are served well, and everybody gets the good stuff!

Grab an early morning coffee or join us for a nightcap! Enjoy live performances on our small stage, check out the fun merch, and peruse (and buy!) local artists' work that's displayed throughout the space. Cozy up next to our hydroponic plant wall or tuck into a seat by the window for some nice "urban" people watching.


​Sign up below to get personal invitations to our various events, festivities, drag bingo nights, karaoke nights, jazz brunches, stand-up nights, game nights and more.

​A place for all generations with a dynamic downtown Albuquerque vibe, Buds & Beans ABQ will be your best bud in no time.​

We cannot WAIT to meet you!

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